We’ve divided our range into four categories to help you find what you are looking for. With the exception of the frozen selection, our products are ambient and are therefore easy to store and have an extended shelf life.


Technically innovative and hugely creative, we’ve had fun with this range, and we hope you will enjoy turning these perfect pastry cases into inspiring canapé creations.


Sized for the individual or to share, we have lots of savory options in puff pastry, choux, shortcrust, wholemeal and even an award-winning gluten-free pastry. It won’t be easy to pick your favorites.


Our most extensive range includes cones, tarts, cups and waffles - puff, shortcrust and choux pastry. All your sweet needs are met here.


Prepare ahead for those busy periods. Having some of our essential products on ice will mean that you have the makings of a superb dish to hand whenever you may need them.

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Here’s a few ideas to get you started - you will find the products themselves inspire you to create plenty more.


The latest news from Pidy, find out about our new shapes, fresh flavours and exciting developments.


Essential kit with which to present your creations, helping you make pastry the star of your event.

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